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Exhibition: Zwischen/Raum at DG Kunstraum Munich

Zwischen/Raum, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart 2019
Zwischen Raum, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart 2019


Peter Granser´s "Zwischen/Raum" is part of the group exhibition "Wieder und Wieder. Ritual, Kontemplation, Obsession" together with works by Lars Koepsel, Claudia Starkloff, Ignacio Uriarte and videos by Judith Albert, Anne Pfeifer & Bernhard Kreutzer, Thomas Thiede and Lin Wei-Lung.

"Zwischen/Raum" functions as a refuge- and a tea-room and was designed in collaboration with Friederike Daumiller. Granser combines in this installation his photographic work with architecture, objects and a complex soundpiece by Jan Jelinek.

2 Chawan and 1 Mizusashi by Uwe Löllmann , objects made of stoneware, brass and Australian jarrah wood by Shirley Cho and tea-objects from the collection Granser/Theil are presented and in use for tea-ceremonies with Matcha by 中西豊文園 from Kyoto ( an organic teafarm with a family tradition of 250 years ). For the first time the "Futaoki Collection" will be presented. 

17 01 2020 - 21 03 2020

Opening January 16th 2020, 7.30pm

Artist Talk January 28th 2020, 7pm

Contemporary Tea Ceremony hosted by Peter Granser, January 18th, March 19th/20th. A reservation has to be made via DG Kunstraum.


Zwischen/Raum is supported by MusikfondsKunstmuseum Stuttgart and DG Kunstraum.