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Exhibition: J´ai perdu ma tête at the Dr. Guislain Museum

Group on a hill 01
Group on a hill



On Jitterbugs, Melancholics and Mad-Doctors

Madness deranges, it throws us off balance, and makes us lose our footing. It leads us to the edge of normality. But where does the norm end and chaos begin? And who decides where to draw the line?

Unhinged, the new collection presentation, tells the story of fools, idiots and madmen, but also stresses the importance of mental wellbeing in an increasingly complex society. Through five themes the exhibition analyses that ‘other’ that disturbs as well as fascinates. For a long time ‘abnormal’ behaviour was locked up in impressive institutions, but today psychiatric care reaches far beyond those walls. The exhibition draws attention to the evolution and influence of power relations in psychiatry and tries to grasp the many labels that are a help as well as a hindrance. It brings the mind-body debate to the fore and shows how imagination gives perspective and makes the unspeakable visible.


Unhinged mixes unique pieces with compelling anecdotes, big theories with hidden testimonies. Objects, books and arts come and go. Rather than burying psychiatry in history, Unhinged emphasizes the acute importance of mental health today.

12 10 19 - 31 12 20 at the Dr. Guislain Museum



Award: Peter Granser wins the Kubus. Sparda Audience Award for his exhibition at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Installation views Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Kubus. Sparda Art Award
Installation views Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Kubus. Sparda Art Award


Peter Granser wins the Kubus. Sparda Audience Award for his exhibition at  Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

Granser showed in a precise installation a selection of his work from the last 10 years including HEAVEN IN CLOUDS, SCHATTEN/FELDER, I WALKED INTO A CAVE AND UP TO PARADAJS and 20 MILLION YEARS AND 1/60TH OF A SECOND, as well as his new installation ZWISCHEN/RAUM, a refuge room, that also functions as a tea room.

ZWISCHEN/RAUM is supported by Musikfonds and DG Galerie Munich and will travel to other venues. It will be presented next at DG Galerie Munich from January 17th 2020 on.



Exhibition: HEAVEN IN CLOUDS at Galerie im Gewölbe Konstanz

Installation view HEAVEN IN CLOUDS
Installation view HEAVEN IN CLOUDS


3 videoworks, photographs and the new book HEAVEN IN CLOUDS are exhibited at Galerie im Gewölbe in Konstanz in a beautiful vaulted cellar from the 12th centruy.

Galerie im Gewölbe

12 07 2019 - 01 09 2019


Workshop: Photobook workshop with Jonas Beuchert

Heaven in Clouds book by Edition Taube
Heaven in Clouds book by Edition Taube


Jonas Beuchert/Edition Taube and Peter Granser join for a photobook workshop and give an insight view of their collaboration.

Further a new dummy of SUN CITY, Granser´s first book, will be edited and designed.

Workshop for 10 participants. Please reserve your seat through Kulturamt Konstanz



Podcast: Saga Gallery Podcast with Peter Granser


Benjamin Thaler from SAGA Gallery Podcast and Peter Granser in coversation about ideas, creativity and the art world.



Workshop: Peter Granser at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart "tea as part of the artistic practice"

Workshop at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
Tea workshop at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart


Peter Granser introduces japanese teas and ceramics and gives insight into his vision of "tea as part of the artistic practice".

Special ceramics for this workshop were made by australian/korean artist Shirley Cho.

Workshops at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart for 5 people starting at 2pm on June 1st and 2nd.



Exhibition: From the Rocket to the Moon at Parrotta Contemporary Art Cologne/Bonn

From the Rocket to the Moon at Parrotta Contemporary Art Cologne/Bonn
Was einem Heimat war, Peter Granser 2011


Group exhibition with works by Benjamin Badock, Anna und Bernhard Blume, Benjamin Bronni, Edmund Clark, Marget Hoppe, Yann Mingard, Lisa Mühleisen, Detlef Orlopp, Timm Rautert, Oliver Sieber, Katja Stuke, Susanne M. Winterlein, Peter Granser and others.

31 05 2019 - 31 08 2019

Parrotta Contemprary Art



Interview: Peter Granser on german public TV

See the SWR Interview for the Kubus. Sparda Art Award in german HERE



Exhibition: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart - Kubus. Sparda Art Award

Exhibition: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart - Kubus. Sparda Kunstpreis
Nightsky 015324, Heaven in Clouds


The 4 finalists Annette Kelm, Sinje Dillenkofer, Armin Linke and Peter Granser were chosen for the Kubus. Sparda Art Award  by a jury consisting of Dr. Barbara Engelbach - Museum Ludwig Köln, Dr. Felix Krämer - Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Dr. Stefan Gronert - Sprengel Museum Hannover, Dr. Ulrike Groos and Sabine Gruber - Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. The exhibition will be shown at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart from March 23rd to June 22nd 2019.

In a precise installation Peter Granser shows an overview of his projects from 2009-2019: "Heaven in Clouds", "I walked into a cave and up to Paradajs", "20 million years and 1/60th of a second" and "Schatten/Felder" along with the new installation "Zwischen/Raum", that connects Granser´s work to his project space ITO.

"Zwischen/Raum" was designed in collaboration with Friederike Daumiller and includes a complex soundpiece by Jan Jelinek. The installation functions as a refuge- and a tea-room. 3 Chawan and 1 Mizusashi by Uwe Löllmann , objects made of stoneware, brass and Australian jarrah wood by Shirley Cho  and tea-objects from the collection Granser/Theil are presented and in use for tea-ceremonies with Matcha by 中西豊文園 from Kyoto ( an organic teafarm with a family tradition of 250 years ).

Zwischen/Raum is supported by Musikfonds and DG Galerie Munich.


Opening on 22 03 2019, doors open at 6.30pm.

23 03 2019 - 22 06 2019

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart


Exhibition: HEAVEN IN CLOUDS at Galerie Stöckle Hauser

Wall of Dust ( Video Still ), Heaven in Clouds
HEAVEN IN CLOUDS: Videoportraits, Wall of Dust


HEAVEN IN CLOUDS video works "Wall of Dust/Reflections" (sound by Martin Wehl), "Videoportraits 1-13" and "A house for the Dead " will be shown, beside photographs of the series, at Galerie Stöckle Hauser simultanious to the exhibition at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

In addition the 4-part book HEAVEN IN CLOUDS, designed and edited by Jonas Beuchert and published by Edition Taube, will be presented.

Opening at 7 pm on 29 03 2019
30 03 - 22 06 2019

Galerie Stöckle Hauser
Senefelderstr.3, 70178 Stuttgart
Do./Fr.: 14-18 Uhr, Sa. 12-16 Uhr



New Book: HEAVEN IN CLOUDS published by Edition Taube



Designed and edited by Jonas Beuchert/Edition Taube HEAVEN IN CLOUDS will be published in April 2019 in a limited edition of 125 copies. Please contact Edition Taube to reserve your copy.

4 hardcover books in a slipcase. Essays by Kai VöcklerChristoph Schaden and Jonas Beuchert.