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Award: EL ALTO selected winner at AP 32

EL ALTO comissioned by The New Yorker was selected as one of the winning series of American Photography 32. An annual award book, designed by Leo Jung, creative director of the California Sunday Magazine, is published.



New Book: EL ALTO published by Edition Taube

New Book: EL ALTO published by Edition Taube


Tilman Schlevogt/Edition Taube designed this great publication with photographs of Freddy Mamami Silvestre´s architecture, that I photographed for The New Yorker in November 2015.

Freddy Mamani Silvestre is a self educated bolivian architect. He doesn´t have an office but built since 2005 60 houses in El Alto. El Alto where 1,6 million mostly indigenous inhabitants live, was a slum some years ago and in many parts still is. It is located on 4100 meters on a plateau above La Paz and is the highest located city in the world.

In recent years the inhabitants of El Alto profited from an economic growth in Bolivia and some where able to built better houses. Like president Evo Morales, Freddy Mamani Silvestre is, like most of his customers Aymara, who were subject to suppression and disposessions since the Inca and later the Spanish control.

Most houses in El Alto are raw brickstone houses. With his work Freddy Mamani Silvestre wants to give his city a visible Aymara identity. All his houses consist of a colourful futuristic facade, most have a commercial ground floor with shops, a fancy decorated party hall, apartments or even sports halls and house the owner´s penthouse on the top floor. 

Mamani combines in a stunning mix motifs and colours from Aymara weaving, dresses and ceramics with Inka architecture and nature or animal symbols, but includes also modern inspirations from movies like the Transformers.


2 nice reviews of EL ALTO were published in Zeit Magazin and Wallpaper:


Order directly at Edition Taube or at good art bookstores.

Book (€ 17 + shipping):

Special Edition:




The special edition print: 20x30 cm, unframed for € 165. 

The photograph is not included in the book.



Book presentation: HEAVEN IN CLOUDS at c/o Berlin Book-Days 

Book presentation: HEAVEN IN CLOUDS at c/o Berlin Book-Days

Friday, 30. September 2016, 15:30 Live Presentation - Edition Taube



Exhibition: Kunsthal Rotterdam - Alzheimer

Exhibition: Kunsthal Rotterdam - Alzheimer


Single exhibition of my project Alzheimer at the fantastic Kunsthal built by Rem Koolhaas in conjunction with Fuminori Hoshino.

At the bookshop my books Alzheimer and J´ai perdu ma tête are presented.

03 09 2016 - 04 12 2016



Exhibition: ITO project space - HEAVEN IN CLOUDS

Exhibition: ITO project space - HEAVEN IN CLOUDS


In HEAVEN IN CLOUDS I observe the rapid urbanization in China and it´s influence on inhabitants, social structures and the environment. The book dummy is designed by Jonas Beuchert/Edition Taube.


My project space ITO had it´s first anniversary in May. Art and tea merge in a wonderful way and if you live too far away to visit, you can have a look at the programm here 

(the site is in german - sorry):

30 04 2016 - 25 06 2016



Assignment: The New Yorker

Assignment: The New Yorker



The New Yorker comissioned me to photograph the amazing architecture of Freddy Mamani Silvestre in El Alto, Bolivia.

They did a great edit job and published this wonderful portfolio. See more of my photos on The New Yorker Website: