Heaven in Clouds is a work by Peter Granser dealing with the rapid growth in chinese megacities and it´s influence on man and nature.

The limited handmade book edition designed by Jonas Beuchert / Edition Taube curates the work in four existential questions. In a globalized world, China is closer to the West in many ways than ever before. “Heaven in Clouds” opens a window onto a society that has adopted and supersized a European-style economic system, striving for the same goals as we do. A China that acts according to the European ideology of “prosperity through growth” must be considered from a European humanist perspective with a focus on the individual – the same basis on which Adam Smith once founded his theory. The images in Granser’s four books are thus arranged according to Kant’s four questions.

The pre-edition of 3 copies is all handmade and comes in a limited handmade slipcase holding four books:

HEAVEN IN CLOUDS I – What can I know? (texts and Information)
HEAVEN IN CLOUDS II – What should I do (photo essay)
HEAVEN IN CLOUDS III – What may I hope? (city smog skies)
HEAVEN IN CLOUDS IV – What is man? (embedded screen with one individual video portrait)

You can order the Special Edition at Edition Taube