Nostalgia and photography are closely related. Every depictive photograph shows us an image of a moment from the past that is hardly distinguishable from a once visible reality. This illusion of the visual presence of historical events, from which photography derives its nostalgic character, may offer an explanation for the fascinating appeal of the Coney Island motif. Coney Island was built as a setting for short-lived sensory amusements, and as such is an embodiment of transience. Decades of exposure to the forces of aging and decline have inscribed the complementary aspects of joy and melancholy into this primal image of the amusement park. Maintaining the same delicate balance between sensitivity and curiosity that typifies his other projects, Peter Ganser has captured the essence of this place where times and cultures merge in striking photographs. The photographer has achieved dense images that transcend the realm of the documentary and serve as metaphors for the condition of Western societies and the people who live in them today.

Martin Hellmold, Kunsthalle Tübingen