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Exhibition: Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Germany

'(no) fear' (group exhibition)
11 09 2008 – 2 11 2008

with work by Olaf Otto Becker, Rod Dickinson, Christoph Draeger, Boris Eldagsen, Peter Granser, Markus Keibel, Kalle Laar, Jenny Marketou, Bjorn Melhus, Jonathan Monk, Tony Oursler, Karin Rosenberg, Thomas Ruff, Nedko Solakov, Stih & Schnock, Eva Teppe, Adam Thompson, Mia Unverzagt.


Exhibition: NGBK – Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin

'Ein Leben Lang'
26 07 2008 – 31 08 2008
Opening on the 25 July at 7pm 

With: Birgit Brenner (DE), Baldur Burwitz (DE), Lenka Clayton & James Price (GB), John Coplans (US), Donigan Cumming (CA), Evelina Deicmane (LV) Regine von Felten (CH), Margi Geerlinks (NL), Peter Granser (DE), Friederike Kersten (DE), Felix Pestemer (DE), Annegret Soltau (DE), Miwa Yanagi (JP)


Exhibition: Kaune Sudendorf Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Cologne

'Here You Are' (group exhibition)
12 07 2008 – 23 08 2008

with work by jason lazarus, grex stimac, marina gadonneix, christian patterson, luke batten & jonathan sadler and peter granser.


Exhibition: Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

The Good Life
10 07 2008 – 22 08 2008

with work by slim aarons, diane arbus, tina barney, mitch epstein, elliot erwitt, peter granser, gail albert halaban, david hilliard, karine laval, bill owens, tod papageorge, martin parr, alex prager, daniela rossell, carlos perez siquier, julius shulman, larry sultan, eve sussman, lars tunbjörk, massimo vitali.


Exhibition: Fruitmarket Gallery

Print the Legend: The Myth of the West 
01 03 2008 – 04 05 2008

Artists: Adam Chodzko, Douglas Gordon, Peter Granser, Isaac Julien, Mike Nelson, Cornelia Parker, Simon Patterson, Salla Tykkä and Gillian Wearing

"This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [Dir. John Ford], 1962

With these words, the editor of the fictional newspaper, The Shinbone Star, captures the essence of the myth of the American West, which exists in our imaginations more as legend than as fact. The exhibition Print the Legend brings together contemporary art which explores ideas about westerns and the myth of the West. Guest curator Patricia Bickers, an art historian, lecturer, writer and the editor of Art Monthly, uses her longstanding passion for westerns as a lens through which to look at a diverse group of artworks, against the backdrop of the current revival of the genre. Print the Legendcontends that not only was the West a construct of North American Easterners, some of whom had never actually been out West, but that Europeans also contributed to the formation of both the idea and the reality of the West.

The work in Print the Legend acknowledges the continuing power of the myth of the West as both image and metaphor. The artists in the exhibition have been drawn to the western, to paraphrase Simon Patterson, not because of what it tells us about the past, but because of what it tells us about the present. For this group of artists, perhaps what is most compelling, and what they all share, is a fascination with the concept of the frontier, a meeting point or boundary that is always shifting.